Woman's air conditioner broke, South Bend officers came to the rescue

SOUTH BEND. Ind. (WNDU) - While our area got a little break from the hot sun Sunday, one woman said she is still counting her blessings, after South Bend officers gave her an air conditioner for free.

87-year-old Joyce Boaler said her air conditioner broke right before the heat wave.

“And in no time it was eighty degrees in here. I called the maintenance people and they wouldn’t come out,” Boaler said.

She also said maintenance would check on it early next week.

“By then I’d be dead on the floor with a heart attack because I’ve got a really bad heart, and all kinds of physical problems,” Boaler said.

Boaler then called 911. Four officers and two nurses came to the rescue this past Friday.

They suggested taking her to a hospital or hotel, but it is hard for Boaler to get around these days.

“’Well, we better make this place comfortable for you’ and they said, ‘We will go out shopping and we will look for fans,’” Boaler said.

They came back with four fans—paid from their own pocketbooks.

Officers followed up with Boaler later that night.

“They came back and said ‘We have an air conditioning unit for you to go in the window,’” Boaler said.

Boaler said one officer brought it from his house.

“Oh, I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. They are wonderful. They really and truly are,” Boaler said.

We reached out to the South Bend Police Department for comment, but have not heard back. Boaler said she will be writing thank-you letters to the officers in the next few days.