What you need to know to streamline the summer flight process

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It's the start of the busy season now that children are out of school, and the Transportation Security Administration wants to make sure travelers are ready to go through their checkpoints with ease.

It starts with a reminder that you are not allowed to carry knives or any kind of clublike items on board.

Any liquids should be in your checked suitcase, unless they are less than 100 milliliters and in a bag with other liquids.

To travel with a firearm, the ammunition must be separate from the weapon and each placed in hard cases inside your checked luggage.

Any electronics larger than a cellphone need to go in their own bin, and the TSA will not allow anything that could even appear threatening.

"We take these things to make sure that plane goes up safely and comes down safely," security officer Karen Kennedy said. "We don't know the intent of what people are trying to do, so we make no assumption."

"We try to cover most things on our website, the tsa.gov website," said Aaron Batt, the TSA federal security director for Indiana. "You can actually punch in the item that you have and it'll tell you whether or not you can travel with it, or whether or not you can travel with it in your check luggage versus your carry-on."

South Bend International Airport is hosting a sign-up event June 25 through 29 if you're interested in the TSA Pre program to get through security faster.