Wednesday's Child: Meet Avery in isolation

Published: Jul. 1, 2020 at 5:48 PM EDT
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Indiana is in need of good foster and adoptive parents. Each week, WNDU features the story of a foster child who needs a forever family with our Wednesday’s Child segments.

Kids like 11-year-Avery. He’s a boy who knows all about isolation and physical distancing. He’s spent most of his life avoiding public spaces due to a compromised immune system.

For most of his life, he’s been in isolation to stay healthy. In the past year, his health has improved enough for him to attend school. That is, until the pandemic hit.

“Avery has an immune deficiency. But over the past five years it's been getting better,” explained Avery’s nurse. “He hasn't had any sickness problems. We just still have to watch out if anyone else is sick. Obviously right now we're not taking him anywhere.”

His daily routine includes several health treatments, but there are many things Avery does himself, including teeth brushing.

“We just get him up, he plays a little bit, then we do his meds and daily routine of getting him in the shower,” explained Avery’s nurse. “After that he plays a little bit more and then he has some treatments. If it's nice outside, we get to go outside.”

Avery is non-verbal, but usually has a lot to say with the help of sign language and other vocal cues.

His nurse and case manager say it’s important for Avery to find a forever home.

“It's just so important for kids in foster care to find permanency. Avery's been in care since he was a baby. An infant,” said Avery’s nurse. “We just hope we can find the perfect home for him. A home that has experience with medical needs. Someone who is willing to work with the schools to ensure that he's getting the proper education. Next year, we hope that we can work with more communication devices for him so that he can communicate through an iPad so that’s kind of exciting.” If you would like to learn more about Avery or any of the children

featured in our Wednesday’s Child segments, click

for Indiana’s Adoption Program.