Wednesday’s Child: A boy and his dog need a home

Published: Apr. 15, 2020 at 5:58 PM EDT
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Each one of Indiana’s foster children has a unique story. They come with their own set of needs, skills and dreams. Zander comes with a dog named Buddy. He got him for his eleventh birthday.

“I play with Buddy at my house,” said Zander. “He jumps on me after school.”

Buddy is a big part of his Zander’s life, but he likes plenty of other things.

“I like playing with animals. I like going swimming. I like going fishing,” said Zander. “I like watching TV. I like Pokémon. I like Minecraft, and I like watching YouTube.”

He’s also an avid video gamer and he loves watching movies.

“I'll tell you what my favorite movies are,” said Zander. “SpongeBob, Pokémon. I'm trying to remember… Spiderman. Ghostbusters. Scary movies.”

His favorite foods are McDonald’s hamburgers, pizza and macaroni and cheese. He likes candy too.

“I like Kit Kats and I like Hershey kisses and I like chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is still a candy in a way,” said Zander. “I like…a chocolate bunny rabbit on Easter, I do like those.”

Zander likes plenty of healthy foods too.

“Some of my favorite types of fruits are apples, oranges, grapes. Those are all of my favorite fruits,” said Zander. “Now I’ll tell you my snacks I like. I like Lunchables for my snack and chocolate milk for my snack, that is all.”

When it was suggested that Zander should instead list the things he dislikes, he shook his head no. Why? “Because it’s going to be too long of a list!” said Zander.

Zander is good with technology and wants to be a YouTuber when he grows up. If you would like to learn more about Zander, or any of the kids featured in our Wednesday’s Child segments, click

for Indiana’s Adoption Program and Zander’s page.

Wednesday’s Child.

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