Wednesday’s Child: Teen hopes new family will come through

Travis (WNDU)
Published: Apr. 22, 2020 at 4:42 PM EDT
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There’s a short list of things that a foster child needs to succeed. At the top of the list are a home and a family that provides support, trust and love. Our Wednesday’s Child segment features a teenage boy who is in need of adoption.

Sixteen-year-old Travis may have impaired speech, but it’s easy to understand that he needs a loving family to call his own.

“I need a new family,” said Travis. “Because I’m nice, kind. I’m good at stuff and I like to help.”

This kind and energetic teen is always in motion…

What kinds of things does Travis like to do? “Basketball,” said Travis. “Play basketball.”

But that’s not the only sport he likes. “I like wrestling,” he added.

Technology is something he appreciates too.

“I like iPads. I want a phone and my own basketball hoop.”

Travis doesn’t just want a new family to adopt him. He needs it and he knows it.

Here’s what he wants his future family to know:

“That I love,” said Travis. “I want a new family, I need it. (I) need them to adopt me.”

Travis wants to be a police officer when he’s an adult. He says he just likes to help people.

If you want to learn more about Travis or any of the kids we’ve featured on Wednesday’s Child, visit the Indiana Adoption Program website by clicking this link:

Wednesday’s Child.

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