Warsaw workers laid off after Winona PVD announces closure

WARSAW, Ind. (WNDU) - Winona P.V.D. Coatings' employees are left to figure out what's next after the company announced it is closing its doors.

A document filed with the state shows Winona expects to close its Warsaw facility at the end of the year.

It was a move that came as a surprise in Kosciusko County.

“We've seen them grow over the last five or six years to where they are at now. I'm disappointed to see it's not moving forward or continuing to grow,” Warsaw city planner Jeremy Skinner said.

16 News Now reached out to Winona P.V.D., and company officials said they are not able to comment now, giving few details to why they closed.

Warsaw's mayor says now he's working to help those left without a job.

“We're going to do everything we can with local Workforce One and our economic development group to make sure that training and placement is provided for those individuals,” Mayor Joe Thallemer said.

Thallemer says more than 100 employees will be laid off when Winona P.V.D. closes.

The business invested more than $10 million into a new production line in 2016, their third expansion since 2007.

That investment also brought 50 new jobs to the area.

All those jobs and more will be gone by the new year.

The business got started in 2006, according to information on its website.