Vietnam veteran's home and property vandalized; guns, medicine stolen

Published: Jul. 19, 2018 at 12:35 PM EDT
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A 72-year-old Vietnam veteran's LaPorte County home and property were vandalized while he was out of town visiting relatives, and the suspects also stole scrap metal, guns and prescription medicine.

"Everything's turned upside down. They searched through everything. Every box was dumped. Every drawer was dumped hap hazard and it's just an absolute mess," said Louis Spear. "It's safer in Vietnam than it is here last night, that's how I felt, I doubled my dose of medicine (PTSD)."

"We believe a number of individuals, maybe as many as 10 travelled to his property, ransacked the poor gentleman's house, destroyed vehicles on his property, actually took a tractor, actually flipped one of his vehicles over," said Det. James Lear with the LaPorte County Sheriff's Office.

Many of the visitors were within the range of surveillance cameras as they traveled to and from the property. One of the suspect vehicles appears to have no front doors and a large American flag mounted in the back.

Police hope the public can help identify the suspects by calling 219-326-7700 extension 2410.

"They took a backhoe tractor that I own and they destroyed a 1991 Buick. It had 110,000 miles that I would drive anywhere," said Spear.

It all happened along 3rd Line Road in LaPorte County within the Kingsbury Industrial Park.

The property was heavily vandalized. Several vehicle windows were shattered, and one vehicle was flipped over.

Police say multiple people operating different vehicles committed these crimes while the victim was away visiting family.

The person captured in surveillance video claimed to be the grandson of the victim when confronted by another person as he was entering the property.

If you can help identify the suspects or their vehicles, please contact Detective James Lear at 219-326-7700 ext. 2410 or