Verizon's 'Gadget Guru' shows off tech for the fair

Now that county fairs are wrapping up, attention is turning to the state fairs. The Indiana State Fair is now open, while the Michigan State Fair won't open for a couple more weeks.

If you're making the drive, you want to trip to be worth it. Steve Van Dinter, Verizon's Gadget Guru, showed Terry McFadden some tech to make the most of your state fair experience.

UE Boom 2
Steve: So this is an amazing speaker. So I'm going to play a little music here. A lot of people like to bring music as they're enjoying. They can put it in a backpack, it's a little loud. You can hear how good it sounds. But we've been seeing some scattered showers here in Indiana. You’ve seen this before. (Steve drops speaker in water.) There it goes in there. It can sit there, we can pull it out, shake it off and it keeps on working. Isn't it amazing. That's great if you're going to run into weather issues because you never know what you're going to run into.

Mophie Power Station
Steve: This is great. This is Mophie Power Station: Two USB power ports on the front there which is awesome because it means you got a tablet or two phones for maybe you and your spouse want to power up at the same time. They're very good. They're very easy to slide into a backpack or purse. I love that.

Samsung Gear 360 Camera
Steve: I'm live-streaming from my phone to me camera and you can see in 360 all the way around there a nice seamless video. The cool thing about this is let's say you wanted to go on a ride and share both your reaction and the ride at the same time, you hold it in your and you can stream it Facebook Live from that device. How cool is that?

Snapchat Spectacles
Steve: You may have seen these goofy looking glasses, if not, these are the Snapchat Spectacles and they actually have a camera built into to them. Did you see that LED that just illuminated? There's a camera letting you know that I'm recording right now, and it beams it off to my phone. I recorded something earlier. I want to show this to you. You can actually see there this is actually the studio I was walking in but you can actually rotate it. It actually records in 360 degrees, a whole circle, giving you a really neat experience when you're sharing it with your friends on Snapchat. And the nice thing is you can export this and put it in Facebook, Instagram and things like that. It gives a really unique perspective to your videos and pictures. I love it.

UA Stash
Steve: And last but not least, we want to travel light so these are the latest cases from Under Armour. It's called the UA Stash but what I like about it is not only does it protect your phone from droppage for up to ten feet, but you slide it out and you can fit your driver's license and a couple of credit cards in there as well. You don’t have to worry about your wallet falling out of your pocket as you're getting up in and out of those rides because that can obviously be a concern; or lose it as you're in the ride because you don't want that happen as well so great way to do and protect your phone at the same time.

You can find all of these products, except the Snapchat Spectacles, at your local Verizon store or The Snapchat Spectacles can be found at