Van Susteren foresees big test for Buttigieg in South Carolina

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(WNDU) - A recent poll shows South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in second place among Democrats in the race for the all-important Iowa caucuses in February.

But Gray Television national political analyst and host of "Full Court Press" Greta Van Susteren told 16 News Now's Terry McFadden Friday night that, while that is encouraging, a real test will be about three weeks later in South Carolina.

"One other problem that he does have is South Carolina and the African American vote, and the African American vote nationwide," Van Susteren said. "And I asked him about the African American vote in South Bend, and he says he has support of African Americans in South Bend. Of course, those are the people that know him, the people of South Bend. But I pointed out to him, they're very unhappy with him last summer in terms of handling of one of the white police officers shooting an African American man. He said that he called for a special prosecutor and, indeed, he did. But he was also at town halls, where people were shouting at him, 'We don't trust you,' African Americans. Now, was that just a view, or was that some sort of community view of African Americans? He needs the African American vote, and if the African Americans are behind him in South Bend, that sends a message to other African Americans around the country. If, on the other hand, they don't support him, you know that's going to be a problem for him. If you want to be the Democratic nominee for president and you want to win, the African American vote is a significant part of that vote. So, I see the most important thing for him is to see whether South Bend says, you know, 'He's a great mayor,' and then I think Iowa would be an easier lift for him."

Van Susteren sat down with Buttigieg for an in-depth interview on a number of topics, including the impeachment inquiry, health care and gun control.

That interview can be seen on "Full Court Press" Sunday night after 16 News Now at 11.