Upset residents react to Elkhart County moving forward with RV inspection facility

Published: Nov. 19, 2019 at 4:38 PM EST
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Elkhart County commissioners voted unanimously to rezone an area of land that will become a new RV inspection facility, even though many nearby residents spoke out against the decision.

On Tuesday, 16 News Now learned why the commissioners voted yes...even though residents urged them to vote no.

"As a county commissioner, my job is to represent the entire community and try to make decisions in the best interest of the community,” said Elkhart County commissioner Mike Yoder.

Elkhart County showed they're still investing in the RV industry with plans for a new inspection facility, even while facing strong opposition from those that will live nearby.

"We are elected to not only represent the homeowners in that area but also the businesses in this area, and to think of the greater good in the community. And this definitely falls in that category of greater good for the economy and the community,” Yoder said.

Residents say this new development will bring heavier and more frequent traffic to their area, which one homeowner that used to be in the RV industry says could damage their roads.

“Some of our pavements are broken up because there have been some of those larger vehicles go through here. Some of the motor homes I know get up to 35-40 thousand pounds and that's not what these pavements are designed for,” said Elkhart County homeowner Barney Simon

Yoder said this is an economic home-run for the county, but Simon says he feels like he struck out.

“The housing here is not inexpensive housing and part of the value is because of the neighborhood and what it is and the lack of that type of traffic,” Simon said.

While homeowners say they're upset, this is not the last step in the process and they will have a chance to speak up again.

The next step for the county will be preparing a detailed plan for developing the property that will be presented at two more public hearings.

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