University of Michigan students spend spring break working at Unity Gardens

SOUTH BEND, Ind. The University of Michigan offered students the option to work a week at Unity Gardens in South Bend as an alternative spring break.

Students spend time moving mulch and dirt, getting the garden ready for the season.

The students will be using the time to learn about how hunger and wellness affects different communities.

Natalie Shepich, a sophomore at the University of Michigan, said, "You forge paths and it is very unprecedented in the way that you go. So, from an organizational level, it's really interesting to see how Unity Gardens has grown to be as big as it has been."

"I hope to take meaningful experience from that no matter what I do and what field I pursue in business," Shepich added.

They'll also be spending time this week with Mayor Pete Buttigieg to see how hunger specifically affects South Bend.

The students will also take a tour where they will get a chance to see how local homeless services deal with those issues.