Undercover video alleges animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farms

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FAIR OAKS, Ind. (WNDU) - A popular dairy farm just off Interstate 65 is under fire after new, undercover video of alleged abuse of their animals.

The Animal Recovery Mission shot footage at Fair Oaks Farms in Jasper County.

In the video, it shows employees throwing, pushing and kicking newborn calves after they were taken away from their mothers.

Fair Oaks has fired four employees.

The Animal Recovery Mission said this isn't enough and claims the problem is widespread.

In a statement, Founder Dr. Mike McCloskey said he's disgusted by what he saw in the video. McCloskey added he's disappointed for not being aware of the "awful treatment" and takes "full responsibility" for what happened:

"...As a veterinarian whose life and work is dedicated to the care, comfort and safety of all animals, this has affected me deeply. I am disappointed for not being aware of this kind of awful treatment occurring and I take full responsibility for what has happened..."