CBP says $400K worth of liquid cocaine was hidden inside shampoo bottles

Border agents find liquid cocaine hidden in shampoo bottles inside checked luggage of airline passenger at Houston airport. (Source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

HOUSTON (CNN/Gray News) - These shampoo bottles may look innocent enough, but 35 lbs of liquid cocaine valued at more than $400,000 was hidden inside them.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized them from the checked luggage of a passenger at George Bush Intercontinental Airport on Monday.

The agency said the would-be smuggler was a 26-year-old Colombia citizen. Agents questioned the man as he got his bags from a luggage carousel.

After questioning him, they searched his bags and a K-9 alerted them to the dozens of shampoo bottles. CBP said a test later confirmed the substance inside the bottles was cocaine.

The man returned to Colombia, and CBP turned the cocaine over to Houston police.

A CBP spokeswoman told USA Today that the man was not arrested or charged because the agency only presents cases, it does not file charges.

She said that's the job of local law enforcement or the Justice Department.

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