UPDATE: More tests needed in Granger taser death investigation

GRANGER, Ind. (WNDU)- More tests will be needed to determine the cause and manner of a Granger man's death after he was tasered by a police officer.

That's according to the County Metro Homicide Unit.

On Wednesday, officers were called to a home on Conover Drive for reports of a man, 58-year-old Allen Boehnlein, chasing his wife through the house with a knife. Cpl. Aris Lee used his taser to control Boehnlein, who later began to have a medical episode. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

On Friday, an autopsy was done and found Boehnlein had taser dart probes hit his left lower abdomen, a puncture wound to the right forearm, a puncture to the left posterier thigh, and several small lacerations to inside of both hands.

A toxicological and microscopic examinations will need to be done as well as a further review of Boehnlein's medical history.