Tyson Foods speaks about safety measures

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SPRINGDALE, Ark. (WNDU) - Tyson Foods has been in the headlines during the pandemic as hundreds of employees tested positive for coronavirus.

In response, it is transforming the way it operates at its more than 100 facilities across the country.

We spoke with the senior vice president today about some of the safeguards now in place.

"State of the art health checkpoints to promoting social distancing to issuing new and requiring the use of certain PPE," Tyson Food Senior Vice President Hector Gonzalez said. "We were one of the first companies to begin taking worker temperatures as they enter the workplace and have now also created enhances system screening processes and have partnered with one of the leading health services provider in the country to augment the clinical resources that we have in our plants to ensure that we make resources available to our team members as we strive to keep them safe."

Gonzalez also discussed the country's food supply and if Americans need to worry about a shortage.

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