Truck driver rescues puppy left in Fort Wayne trash bin

Published: Apr. 17, 2019 at 9:59 PM EDT
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A badly abused dog found in a trash bin in Fort Wayne is making a recovery and looking for a loving home.

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control officials say someone abused the dog so badly he's now blind, and it is clear he has suffered broken bones in the past.

Fort Wayne's NBC reporter Louie Tran has more how the dog was rescued.

Victoria Carroll is filled with joy after meeting up again with a blind puppy they now call Barry.

Last march, Carroll, whose husband is a manager at Red River Waste Solutions, says a Red River garbage truck driver noticed a dog kennel sticking out of a trash bin.

When the driver checked it out, Carroll says he saw a puppy locked inside the cage, left with only his collar and dog bowl.

"I was disgusted because who throws away anything that is living, even if it is a dog?" Carroll asked.

But that's not all: When Carroll saw Barry for the first time right after he was rescued, she says he was covered in feces and was "just skin and bones."

"He could not even stand up," she said. "You could not even touch him. It was like you were going to break a bone if you were going to touch him."

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control officials say the 5-month-old pit mix suffered several broken ribs in the past and neurological damage.

But they're not giving up hope on Barry. They say they're getting him back into good health and looking for his forever home.

Holly Pasquinelli, Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control Community Relations and Education Specialist, says

"No one wants to see an animal injured, and, honestly, it's hard to wrap your mind around how and why someone would hurt an animal," animal control community relations and education specialist Holly Pasquinelli said.

A puppy pulled from the trash, Barry is now looking forward to a full life ahead.

Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control officials say they are looking for experienced dog owners to adopt Barry.