UPDATE: 2-year-old boy dies in Mishawaka

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MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WNDU) - A 2-year-old boy died in Mishawaka on Friday after first responders were alerted that the child wasn’t breathing.

Members of the boy's family have identified him as 2-year-old Westley Gill.

When the Gill family woke up Friday morning, they were surprised not to hear little Westley already awake. But the more they called his name, the quieter it was and the scarier it became until Westley’s father, Dave, realized the boy had never woken up.

“Dave went over there to go wake him up. He was being unresponsive, so he rolled him over and realized his lips were blue and started doing CPR, and then they call 911,” said relative Frank Detert, who lives across the street from the Gill family.

Mishawka police received the call around 8:30 a.m. Friday. When they arrived, they gave CPR, but after continuous efforts to try and save baby Wesley, it was too late. Westley had died.

“I couldn’t – that teared me up. That definitely teared me up. I can just imagine what they are going through right now. Wow,” neighbor Karo Singleton said.

Family members said that what they will miss most about Westley is his smile.

“When I was getting home from work – me and my wife – I was picking her up and coming home, I can hear him saying 'hi' through the window and started knowing our names and he was talking more. Yeah, it’s sad. It’s really hard. My heart goes out to him,” Detert said.

Singleton said seeing a parent lose their own child at such a young age is one of the hardest things he has ever done.

“If they really ever need anything, I hope they wouldn’t hesitate to come over and ask, even though we don’t talk too much. We say ‘Hey, how you doing?’ but other than that, we stay to ourselves," Singleton said. "... We've got families of our own, so we’re just here to take care of our families and live. That’s about it. I just couldn’t believe waking up and seeing them out there this morning. They were all torn up."

The coroner's office is looking at this as a possible sudden infant death. An autopsy is scheduled for 9 a.m. Saturday in Fort Wayne.