Todd Young talks first responder care, Indiana farmers, affordable housing

WASHINGTON (WNDU) - It's been a difficult season for farmers in Indiana. Weather conditions have made it very hard to get their crops into the ground.

In Indiana, only 31 percent of the corn crop was able to be planted. That is compared to 67 percent in the United States.

Farmers also missed the deadline to apply for full crop insurance and are now facing reductions.

U.S. Sen. Todd Young, R-Ind., talked to NewsCenter 16 Thursday morning about helping farmers with the loss.

"We have put some provisions in the recent disaster relief bill that the president signed into law, and those provisions now need to be put into effect," Young said. "They need to be implemented into the U.S. Department of Agriculture so that our farmers can apply for disaster relief assistance for crop losses and also livestock losses over the last couple of years. So, I am working with USDA and I am pressing those folks to get the guidance to our farmers as quickly as possible."

Young also took the opportunity to discuss care for first responders and affordable housing.