Todd Rundgren's upcoming performance with ND students features best of the '80s

Published: Sep. 5, 2018 at 6:09 PM EDT
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The man who just wants to bang on the drum all day, will stop long enough to serve up some Meatloaf.

Music legend Todd Rundgren will take the stage at Notre Dame's Debartolo Performing Arts Center Friday night

But music students will run the show that pays homage to their favorite hits of the 1980s

"This is a student event," Rundgren said. "It's not me presenting a concert or anything like that; we're here in support of student musicians. Quite a variety of things, actually. Some from my catalog, some from The Cars' catalog, some from Meatloaf's catalog. The students picked out the songs that they wanted to perform, and we're just there essentially for support."

The concert will benefit Rundgren's Spirit of Harmony Foundation, which advocates for music education beginning at the earliest possible age.