Tips on getting your kids back into their school bedtime routine

Published: Aug. 27, 2018 at 2:09 PM EDT
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It’s that busy time of year again and it may be difficult for parents to find that perfect back to school sleep schedule for their kids.

But a full night of sleep is crucial for kids staying healthy and learning in school.

A lack of sleep can affect a child’s ability to learn in school, said Dr. Daniel Klauer of the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre in Granger.

Kids should get up to 12 hours of sleep each night, and adults and teens should get about 7-9.

Dr. Klauer has some helpful tips for parents having a difficult time getting kids back into that sleep routine.

All electronics should be turned off one hour before bedtime. That includes tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

All food and beverages should be done by 7pm, and parents should avoid feeding their kids heavy and fried foods.

And lastly, exercise is important but not right before bed. Kids should be active throughout the day, but when they’re active right before bed, their heart rate will be elevated.

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