Thor Motor Coach partners with The Crossing to mentor, train struggling high school students

Published: Mar. 13, 2018 at 9:55 PM EDT
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Struggling high school students can get hands-on experience at the Thor Motor Coach in Wakarusa.

On Tuesday, we took a tour to see how it's helping those students grow.

The Crossing is a program that helps high school aged students through job training and faith-based character education. Thor Motor Coach partners with The Crossing to give students a place to work with a mentor and learn on the job.

Students spend half the day in the classroom taking online courses, and then the second half of it is spent working.

Teacher's Credit Union helps The Crossing make it all possible. Their President and CEO Paul Marsh says he's seen the way the program affects students.

“As you hear the kids' stories, that's what so meaningful,” he says. “That they have now a new direction in life and new hope”

The students themselves have noticed it, too.

“The Crossing really changed my life,” says Ryan Rosansky, a student at The Crossing. “It really did. I was a bad kid, and now I'm way more mature because of it.

“Everyone's shown me this is the real world,” he adds. “It's not like school, where you're there and you get thrown out into the real world. You're right here right now.”

Leaders at Thor Motor Coach say The Crossing's students have also affected the lives of their employees and mentors.

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