Third graders get book publish for kindergarten friends

Published: Apr. 11, 2017 at 7:45 AM EDT
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A group of accomplished authors learned just how challenging publishing a book can be. After a month of hard work, Ms. Knapps’ third grade class at Pinewood Elementary is celebrating the release of their new book, “Super Sentences.”

At the tender ages of eight years old, a group of about 20 third graders set out to write and illustrate a book for their kindergarten reading buddies.

The Elkhart Education Foundation gave the class a 300 dollar grant to get all the books printed and helped them find a local company to bind the books.

“Not only are we teaching them how to form words and books and vocabulary and reading, it also teaches them life skills,” says Dana Knapp.

Knapps’ third grade class recently read their book to their kindergarten reading buddies. It’s about 40 pages and each third grader was responsible for using kindergarten reading words to write and illustrate sentences. They realized that some words, even though they're easy to read, may not be easy to draw a picture of.

“It was fun because I really like drawing and it was kind of hard drawing the words because you can’t really draw ‘what’ or ‘can’t’,” said Kathelyn Bravo.

But they used their creativity to work around the tough words and now they have a book that they and their buddies are very proud of.

“I found it very fun and it was challenging because I had two pages and it was just kind of hard to come up with what you were going to draw and how it was going to look and it just took a lot of preparing and time,” said Cooper Swinehart.

All of the third graders in Ms. Knapps class and their kindergarten reading buddies in Mrs. Trowbridge’s class have a copy of their own to hold on to for many years to come.

Elkhart Community Schools will have a Kindergarten open house on April 11th at all 14 elementary schools at 6:30 p.m.

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