The LGBTQ Center celebrates new look, name with ribbon cutting

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The GLBT Resource Center of Michiana opened its doors under a new name Thursday.

Now called ‘The LGBTQ Center,’ the non-profit celebrated its newly renovated space, and as its executive director calls it...the beginning of a new era.

“I went to John Adams High School right across the street, and the center was here but I didn't know it existed. I think about my younger self and think about how I could have benefited from this space. I do think the center saves lives, I'm very passionate about that,” said Eli Williams, Executive Director, The LGBTQ Center.

Mayor Buttigieg spoke at the event and took part in the ribbon cutting, telling the crowd he believes the center will help save lives.

“The LGBT community has been subject to elevated levels of a lot of health concerns, including risks of violence and depression, and that can be headed off with the right kind of support. There’s a lot of evidence that says there's no real increase in risk of suicide for LGBTQ people who have support,” said Mayor Pete Buttigieg, (D) / South Bend.

The LGBTQ Center is open for drop-ins and also support groups.

The center’s new drop-in hours Monday through Wednesday from 3-7 p.m. and Saturday from 1-3 p.m. For more information, contact the LGBTQ Center’s executive director at