Tent tailgate to host 5,000 Bulldog fans prior to ND-Georgia game

August may be full of dog days, but there’s only one in September.

On Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs will finally have their day to play at Notre Dame Stadium.

Along S.R. 933 just north of Angela twin towering tents have been set up in a vacant lot.

The tents are big enough to hold circus elephants but they’re destined to hold ‘dawgs.’ “This is a tailgate we’re doing for the Georgia team (fans), we’re expecting about 5,000 people,” said Molly Davidson with Burns Rental.

It’ll take three days just to set up all the portable lighting, porta-potties and other essentials needed to accommodate such a big crowd. “I would say 500 people is usually normal for us, so this is a little bit grander than that, which is really cool to be a part of it, pretty special,” said Davidson.

Meantime, Delta Airlines is also upping its game in anticipation of the big game. Today the airline started flying bigger planes in and out of South Bend.

“Usually here at South Bend we've got the 50 seat regional jets, and we're seeing the mainline aircraft so we're seeing 7-17’s which average 110 seats,” said Julie Curtis with the South Bend International Airport.

It’s all because so many would give the shirt off their backs to get a game day seat inside the stadium.

Well we've never played Notre Dame up here, course, we played ‘em in the Sugar Bowl in 1980,” said bulldog fan Mercer Crook while visiting the Notre Dame campus today. “But this is on the bucket list to get to come up here, especially with the Georgia Bulldogs playing.”

“No way were we going to miss this game,” added Mercer’s son Michael. “One of the meccas of college football right here.” According to Michael’s wife, Candice, “probably since we got married we always talked about, I’m a big football fan and he’s a big football fan, coming to a game at Notre Dame was just what we were going to do, not even if our team wasn’t playing. When we learned that Georgia was actually going to be playing here in South Bend, we’re like, ‘we have to go.’”

Many Bulldog fans are gathering in Chicago to attend a Cubs game on Friday night. After boarding busses to Notre Dame for Saturday, some will head back to the Windy City to watch their Atlanta Falcons face the Bears at Soldier Field.