Teen killed while trying to improve life

Published: Feb. 19, 2018 at 7:36 PM EST
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He was a teen who wanted more out of life.

"It's a sense of loss, a sense of sadness."

But 17 year old Daekwon Tobar was killed before


could happen. Anti-violence advocate Isaac Hunt was counseling the teen and his family for nearly a year.

"Daekwon was real quiet...We were working with Daekwon on how to speak up, how to be able to look a person in the eye. How to fill out a resume and a cover letter," Hunt said.

St. Joe County authorities say someone shot Tobar February 17th near Gladstone and Silver Lane in South Bend.

His killer is still out there.

Daekwon's death marks the third 17 year old to die by gun violence in the city this year. The uptick in crime has sparked major concern from the mayor.

"This hits home for me. It hits home when I'm consoling parents," Mayor Pete Buttigieg said.

Buttigieg said this is a community-wide issue, and the city is exploring all options.

"Everything from the group violence intervention, to the strategic focus unit and their work, the street outreach that's going on. I want tangible things that have been proven to work that we can apply here and save lives," he added.

And though Daekwon's life was cut short -- Isaac Hunt says the desire for change was there.

"He really had some dreams and some goals, and he just needed some guidance on how to reach those dreams and goals, and that's what we were providing for him, and his family," Hunt added.

St. Joseph County authorities say there have been five homicides in county this year. Three of the victims, including Tobar, were 17 years old.

D'Angelo Jennings, 17, was shot January 11. He was the first fatal shooting of 2018.

A week later, on January, 18, police say Tysiona Crawford was killed by her ex-boyfriend, Rahim Brumfield.

Suspects in both of these shootings have been charged, however Brumfield is still on the run from police.