Tech support scam ‘popping up’ in Michiana

MICHIANA (WNDU) -- A common scam is popping up once again in Michiana, and that has many residents concerned.

Here's how it works:

You're sitting at the computer, and you get a pop-up.

It says you may have a virus and that you must call technical support in the next five minutes.

It also gives you a phone number. When you make the call, the scammer says if you don't get it fixed, personal information, including your bank accounts, could be compromised.

They'll want you to allow them to access your computer.

To fix the problem, they say you need to buy a security plan.

But the Better Business Bureau says Microsoft won't contact you that way, so this is a scam.

"You know if I called you and said, I know you're having a problem with your computer, that it's moving slow, you think about it and you think, ‘Oh yeah,’” said Dreama Jenson of the Better Business Bureau of Northern Indiana. “It's going the same speed that is has been all along, but when that seed is planted in your mind, you go right along with it. They know that's what you're thinking and they know when to lead you right into what it is."

A St. Joseph county woman recently received a pop-up.

She made the call and allowed the man to access her computer remotely.

After working on the computer, the woman decided to shut it off.

That's how she was able to identify him as a scammer.

If you think you're the victim of a scam -- or just aren't sure -- feel free to contact the Better Business Bureau:

BBB serving Northern Indiana: (260) 423-4433
BBB serving Western Michigan: (616) 774-8236