Teacher accused of sabotaging party with feces, urine

Heather Carpenter

SARASOTA, Fla. -- A Florida mom is accused of being a literal "party pooper."

Investigators say Heather Carpenter smeared feces and urine on public picnic tables to sabotage a child's birthday party last month.

It was a party her own child would attend.

Why would anyone do that?

Investigators say Carpenter, a substitute teacher, sought revenge on an elementary school principal who would be at the party.

The plot was foiled when a witness figured out what was going on, initially thinking someone was cleaning the tables, not defacing them with defecation.

"I could smell it instantly and I knew, this ain't... she was vandalizing it," the witness said. "She poured it out of a cup and then just would wipe it on table. It was like a mixture of urine and feces."

Sheriff's deputies say Carpenter was upset with the principal over how she handled a complaint.

Carpenter is charged with property damage and criminal mischief. The cost to replace the picnic tables topped $2,000.