TCU pledges $60,000 to John Glenn for gym naming rights

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WALKERTON, Ind. --- Teachers Credit Union and John Glenn School Corp. have a history of working together, but now the collaboration is even bigger. TCU is already pledging $30,000 for sponsorship, but now, over the next four years, they will double that amount.

"We're announcing a partnership with TCU for the naming rights of our gym at John Glenn High School," Superintendent Richard Reese said.

The John Glenn High School gym will now be known as TCU Gym. As of Feb. 12, the scoreboards will have new signage and a seven foot long banner will be at the entrance naming it TCU Gym.

"Whether it be through summer reading programs, through some other incentives our principals have that otherwise we would have to go to the community or charge students," Reese said. "This way we're not able to do that . They're able to provide it with a corporate sponsorship."

Current sponsorship for the school totals $30,000 going towards Falloween Fest ($20,000), Senior recognition dinner ($6,000), Urey incentive program ($2,000) and miscellaneous in-kind donations like fun fairs, band and athletics ($2,000). Now, TCU will double that, adding an additional $30,000 over the next four years to other areas of interest. Summer reading programs will receive $8,000 as will student incentives like honor roll and attendance incentives. A teacher of the year incentive will receive $2,000 as an "in-kind" donation and the biggest boost, $12,000 for student technology development so the school can purchase computers.

"This is a very big deal because we've had a great run and partnership over the last few years and this just solidifies that," John Glenn High School Principal Will Morton said. "Solidifies their involvement and their philosophy by being committed to kids and education. We're glad they're on board."

While the school is benefiting, TCU feels passionate about helping out schools.

"It just shows our roots in education," Randy Lemert, Business & Commercial Development with TCU said. "Working with school systems is important to us. If we can make those education partnerships a little more public, it benefits the school and us."