Suspects accused of passing counterfeit money throughout Michiana

Police in St. Joseph, Michigan, have released photos of two men who they say have been passing counterfeit $100 bills, and Elkhart police are also searching for a suspect.

Our reporting partners at WSJM say the counterfeit $100s have shown up in St. Joseph, Bridgman, Niles and even South Bend.

Bridgman police say the bills are $10 bills made to look like $100 bills.

Police say if you look closely at the security strip, it will say 10 instead of 100.

Also, the watermark on the bill will show Alexander Hamilton and not Ben Franklin if it’s fake.

The large portrait on the bill, however, will show Franklin.

The Elkhart Police Department is also trying to identify a person suspected of passing counterfeit money. The other suspect is described as a black man with dreadlocks.

If you can identify either of the first two men, please contact Detective Herbert at 269-983-3608. You can also send a private message to the St. Joseph Department of Public Safety or contact Crime Stoppers.

If you can identify the female suspect, please contact Detective Joy Phillips at 574-295-7076.