Suspect arrested after South Bend robberies

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - South Bend police are investigating multiple robberies, and they made an arrest at Ironwood and Ireland late Friday morning.

There was an armed robbery at the CVS and then an attempted robbery at Low Bob's Discount Tobacco.

“As soon as he came out, we ended up apprehending the suspect here in the parking lot of Speedway,” South Bend Police Capt. Joe Galea said.

The Speedway in that area was also robbed earlier Friday morning, and police believe it may be the same suspect.

A woman who works at a restaurant next to Low Bob’s Discount Tobacco says she was on her way to the bank when police pulled up with their guns drawn on the suspect.

“I seen all of them have their guns drawn and they were running after the guy and they tackled him. It was scary,” Wings Etc. assistant manager Shelby Garwick said.

Garwick says what’s even more scary is knowing that it could have happened to her.

“I’m scared for my employees and, I mean, everyone around here. I mean, it happened last night at Speedway and then this morning at CVS and Low Bob’s, and it was scary,” Garwick said.

Police say the suspect was armed and was able to make away with some cash before he was arrested late Friday morning.

No one was hurt.