Supporters meet up with Ted Cruz at Osceola cafe

Published: May. 2, 2016 at 11:34 AM EDT
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Supporters of Republican Ted Cruz lined up outside Bravo Cafe in Osceola Monday morning to meet the presidential candidate.

Cruz's first order of business was to take a photo with the family who owns the restaurant. He also signed autographs and visited with voters, young and old.

"It's great to have one of the presidential candidates here in our little town of Osceola, and we're just excited to be a part of the event," Don Warren told us.

"We are very much for Ted Cruz because we see that he stands for the Constitution, and we want everybody to have the same rights and believe in the same rights for everybody," South Bend resident Jenny Krantz explained. "The privacy of regular people who want to be able to go to the bathroom and be with the same people of your own gender. And we respect what other people want to be and want and their own lifestyles, but we don't want it pushed onto us."

"The biggest issue that I'm concerned about is abortion, and I know that he has stood firm on abortion and also Christian values," explained Knox resident Linda Kelly. "Having a fairer tax base for everybody so that everybody pays their fair share would be a really nice thing for America."

"We're concerned about what's happening in our country, and we think that Ted Cruz might be a good person to help to fix some of the problems that we're facing right now," said Knox resident Mary Kleinfehn. "He's Christian and hopefully will bring back some traditional Christian values to our country that we seem to be lacking right now."

"To see his one-on-one personal time and to kind of know him as a person. As I've run my own campaign, I've got to meet a lot of candidates that are running for other offices, and the behind-the-scenes stuff is a lot more important than what's said through a placard or through a teleprompter," explained Randall Perry, a candidate for Elkhart County commissioner.

Cruz will be in Marion and Fishers, Indiana, Monday afternoon alongside running mate Carly Fiorina.

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