Sturgis Hospital reorganizing, cutting jobs

Published: Nov. 29, 2018 at 1:14 PM EST
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It’s a bitter pill for some to swallow.

Sturgis Hospital announced it was laying off 60 workers and eliminating oncology, hospice and birthing services.

“With the OB Department leaving you know they’re going to have to have their babies someplace else,” said Sturgis RN Kelli Glick. “It’s been quite surprising, you know we weren't aware that these changes were going to be made in such a quick fashion so it's, we're all kind of in shock.”

The reorganization plan is scheduled to take effect on Monday, December 3rd.

A written press release states that 80 to 85 percent of the hospital’s business deals with patients on an outpatient basis.

After the reorganization the hospital will have just four staffed rooms. Sturgis now has 49 staffed rooms according to the website of the American Hospital Director.

The hospital claims the move is necessary to preserve the financial sustainability of the facility.

The hospital says it has faced significant financial challenges over the last 18 months, with reimbursements not keeping pace with costs.

As part of the plan, it will close hospice services, OB services and its oncology treatment center, as well as reduce inpatient surgical services.

The ER, doctors' offices and labs will remain open.

Sixty full-time positions will be cut, but some of those people will fill open positions in other departments.

Michigan Rep. Aaron Miller called the plan an example of mismanagement, and called upon the CEO and upper management to resign or be fired.