Study: One third of parents expect shooting at child's high school

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One third of parents believe their hometown high school will be the victim of a shooting incident in the next three years, according to a new study from Ball State University.

The survey of 257 Midwestern parents found 36% believed an incident at their local high school is ‘highly likely’.

The study also says there is a lack of research about specific interventions schools should take to reduce their risk of this sort of gun violence; and that’s because of how rare the incidents actually are. The fact that they are highly publicized, the study says, is why misconceptions can occur about their frequency and risks.

The study cites a total of 2,787 recorded firearm deaths occurred in 2015 among Americans younger than 19 years old, with 95 percent of homicides and suicides that year happening off of school grounds.

According to the study, parents said the most effective anti-gun violence school policies are as follows: installing an alert system in schools, working with law enforcement to design an emergency response plan, creating a comprehensive security plan, requiring criminal background checks for all school personnel prior to hiring and implementing an anonymous system for students to report peer concerns regarding potential violence.

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