Stevensville students perform 779 acts of kindness in November

This fall, not all trees are shedding their leaves.

In fact, the Tree of Kindness at Roosevelt Elementary School in Stevensville is in full bloom.

During the month of November, students were able to earn one “leaf” for every act of kindness they performed. They then attached the leaves to the construction paper tree on display in the gym.

The students racked up a total of 779 good deeds, which was enough to win a challenge and earn the opportunity to see their principal slimed during a school celebration this afternoon.

“We had one child who wrote a letter and delivered a cake to a local fire station, just really inspiring and heartwarming kind of stuff,” said Principal Kristen Pennington. "Some were really like, I made the bed for my brother or I held the door at Culver’s, and then you had some kids who donated all of their Halloween candy to the troops. We had another child make breakfast for her dad on Veteran’s Day."

This is the first year that Roosevelt did the Tree of Kindness competition. Students raised about $10,000.