Staying safe when the temps feel like triple digits

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - It’s a hot one; like 7 inches from a midday sun.

There is nothing smooth about these temperatures hitting Michiana this week.

The theme of the next couple days is staying safe when the heat becomes unbearable. On Friday, 16 News Now spoke with a local doctor who has some tips to minimize risk to your health if you are outdoors this week.

Dr. Rina Patel recommends that you drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day, but in this heat, if you find yourself outside a lot, you need to double that amount.

“Outside is extremely dangerous, and the problem is the symptoms come very quickly. One of the most dangerous heat illnesses is heat stroke, and that comes up fast,” Patel said.

She recommends that people with certain pre-existing conditions avoid long periods of time in the heat. Those groups include people with high blood pressure, heart problems and those on medications for depression.

“Obesity, the people that are bigger, they have more chances to get the heat stroke and heat-related illnesses than the thinner people,” Patel said. “And then, at the same time, and this is kind of interesting, the people that are very muscular, who believe in muscle-building and have large muscles, then they are at higher risk.”

She says this is because larger size means you have a higher need for hydration in these extreme temperatures.

In addition to keeping people safe, some in Michiana are working to keep pets safe. The Hillside Missionary Church at 21567 W. Ireland Road in South Bend will have a pet cooling center open Saturday from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.

If you would otherwise have to leave your pet at home in a hot house, Hillside presents one option to keep pets safe.

“There’s a lot of cooling centers in town, but there’s nothing for pets. So, if you are going to work today and you have to leave your pet in a hot house, we prefer you bring them here,” said Brenda Bely, who helped organize the pet cooling center. “You’ll have to bring food, a crate, medications, a list of allergies, anything that would affect your pet while you’re at work,” she said.