State parks will remain open amid pandemic

There was an inaccurate report locally yesterday after Governor Holcomb’s news conference that said state parks would be closing.

Today, Lindsay Stone spoke directly with officials from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources to help get out the word that's false. State parks will remain open during the quarantine.

Governor Holcomb announced campgrounds will be closing but people are still permitted to get outside and enjoy parks.

The only other changes made in the last 24 hours is off-trail bike courses have closed, but people are still allowed to bike on pavement.

J-B Brindle, from the Department of Natural Resources says they realize how important getting outside is during this time of isolation.
“We're still encouraging folks to safely obey ordinances and everything, like social distancing,” Brindle said.

“For their mental health, to get outdoors when they can. Take in the parks, like in your area Potato Creek. They have great trails. As long as everyone is being safe they can go out and hike, fish, boat, bird watch, bike on paved , and those types of things.”

For a list of open parks and trails, click here.