St. Joseph HS students use Martin's grant to help hospice

Published: Oct. 18, 2017 at 5:44 PM EDT
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The Key Club members of St. Joseph High School in St. Joseph, Michigan, don’t cut class. They cut fabric -- more specifically, fleece fabric to make blankets.

“We've been making blankets for a long time,” said advisor Lauri Berry. “They make hundreds and hundreds of blankets a year. And they're donated to hospice. So when you are entering into hospice, you're given a blanket that's made by these students and other volunteers in the blanket brigade.”

The goal is to make 150-200 fleece blankets. The kids at St. Joseph work in cooperation with Key Clubs from Bridgman and Lakeshore high schools.

“I love making them,” said senior Emma Marchel. “It's so much fun and I’ve gotten to meet so many people from other Key Clubs around us making the blankets.”

But all of that fleece fabric could get expensive. That’s why the school plans to use the $1,000 "One School at a Time" grant from Martin’s Super Markets to buy fabric in time for a special Key Club gathering coming up next month.

“It’s all going to go to Fall Rally,” explained senior Charvi Chhatwal. “We're going to make a bunch of fleeces and they're going to come back to the St. Joe community.”

The kids know exactly what to do.

“Actually it’s super easy,” instructed Marchel. “So you take two pieces of material that are the same size. And you lay one on top of the other and you cut three-inch strips all the way around the edge and tie them together, and that's all it is.”

For the recipients, it’s not just a blanket, it’s a reminder that these kids care.

“Seeing that it's going to people in our community, it's just a fun thing to do for hospice people. They're going through a lot,” said Chhatwal.

If you want to help your school with a specific need, you can apply for Martin's Super Markets' "One School at a Time" grant.

Just fill out an application online at

The winning school gets $1,000 from Martin's Super Markets.