St. Joseph County may be on the verge of economic boom

There are apparently signs that St. Joseph County may be on the verge of explosive growth according to the author of a book called "Entrepreneurial DNA."

Joe Abraham was the featured speaker Tuesday at the annual 'Salute to Business' event put on by the South Bend Area Chamber of Commerce and hosted by WNDU's Tricia Sloma.

"You're on the verge of some explosive growth based on a lot of trends I've seen in explosive communities," said Joe Abraham. "When Notre Dame announces that their research grant is going to go from 50 to 80 million a year to probably 600, 700 million a year, that's one of those little miracles that can have a huge impact on a community."

The chamber awarded its small business of the year trophy to Kenetic IT, while the economic impact award went to General Sheet Metal Works.