St. Joseph County police introduce four new K-9 police dogs

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - In order to take a bite out of crime, the St. Joseph County Police Department introduced four new K-9 police dogs to the media Thursday.

Their names are Farkis, Odin, Monti and Delores.

Each K-9 has been trained over six weeks to conduct a wide variety of searches, including tracking down fleeing offenders, finding lost subjects and detecting narcotics.

"These dogs do amazing work for us. They go in places officers cannot go," St. Joseph County Police Sheriff William Redman said.

Three of the K-9s and their handlers finished training last week after the department received a total of $20,000 from four different donors earlier this year.

One of those handlers is police officer Rachel Harvey, who says the new K-9s will help make her job a whole lot easier.

"You have a partner with you in the car all the time. You've got someone who is watching you, so you are watching their back. They're going to help you get the bad guys," Harvey said.

In order to catch more bad guys, a fourth dog was brought in by Detective Briana Glueckert, who decided to do things a little different by purchasing and training her own K-9.

"I was sitting and was thinking, I have this dog who's amazing, and she has such great work drive. Maybe I can do search and rescue with her and she can be a tracking dog. I presented the idea to Redman, and he was all about it," Gluckert said.

Glueckert and her K-9, Dolores, will complete training in mid-August.

Until then, the other three new K-9s officially have been put into service, and both Harvey and Glueckert will have made history because of it.

"There has never been a female handler, outside of the jail, for this department. We are making history being the first female road patrol and detective K-9 handlers. That's pretty huge, and it's a huge honor to say that," Glueckert said.

Redman thanked everyone who donated to help bring all four K-9s aboard.