Special Olympics teams compete for sectional slots

MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WNDU) - Marian High School had a lot of basketball fans packed into its gym Saturday as they watched the Special Olympics evaluation games. The games determined which divisions each of the different Indiana teams would play in at the Valparaiso sectional competition.

Teams hit the court for 5-on-5 matches Saturday afternoon as crowds cheered on both home and away teams. Since they were evaluation games, both the winning and losing teams would move on to the next round. However, even with the friendly atmosphere, teams were still in competitive spirits as they vied for the top seeds at the sectional.

"They all play to win. Today they're not going to be as mad as if they lose at Valpo, because then it's all over with," explained St. Joseph County Special Olympics coordinator Top Flatt.

The Valparaiso sectional will be on March 18, so even if a team did not do as well this time around, they have some time to get ready for the next step. That's when it really counts.