South Bend's most popular Halloween costumes, based on Google searches

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A well-known search engine is releasing information on the most popular Halloween costume searches in 2019.

Google teamed up with interactive Halloween website Frightgeist to present the data. Both companies looked at top-searched terms to determine which costumes were being looked for the most by location.

In South Bend, Wednesday Addams from "The Addams Family" was number one. Nationally, that costume comes in 123rd.

Second on the local list was Descendants. They rank as the fifth most popular in the nation as well. Those costumes are based on the Disney Channel movies that show where the children of villains, sidekicks, and accomplices from popular Disney tales end up.

Number three on the Frightgeist & Google ranking is Little Red Riding Hood. She comes in at 55th in the nation.

Princess costumes came in fourth. This could include specific Disney princess costumes or a generic princess look. Princess costume searches were the 18th most popular in the U.S.

In fifth place for the South Bend list is Spider-Man. That costume is third in the national search as well. Comic book characters make up nine percent of all Google searches for costumes.

If you want to see what costumes are the most popular in other areas of the country, you can use the interactive map on the Frightgeist website.