South Bend releases 2019 street paving list

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - "They have to break some eggs to make an omelet. It may be an inconvenience, but the outcome is going to be just wonderful," South Bend resident Michael Krueger said.

Michael and Lesley Krueger are excited to get a new street. They've lived on Longfellow Avenue for 48 years and say this is the biggest overhaul they've experienced.

"They've patched," he added.

"I'm just happy that they're finally paving it. Before they paved it, it was rough going to work and coming home," neighbor Ron Cook said.

Longfellow is one of more than 30 streets on South Bend's 2019 paving list.

"We think we can cover about 29 miles, 29 lanes miles of road this year, 19 with our crews and another 10 using state funding and some other sources that come in," Mayor Pete Buttigieg said.

The city anticipates a $950,000 cost in materials for city crews. Money for full projects comes from a number of sources.

"It's a mix of the Motor Vehicle Highway fund, Local Roads and Streets," Buttigieg added.

There is also a $1.2 million Community Crossings Matching Grant from the state for specific streets on the list.

One you won't find listed yet is Bendix Drive, a more than $2 million project, the mayor said.

"We needed the federal dollars, which means you've got to go through a lot of extra hoops in terms of inspections and processes, but the team is working on it very hard. We should be able to launch the bidding later on this year," he explained.

The city is also working to find funding to fix paving conditions on parts of Ironwood Drive, under the Bypass and Ameritech Drive.

To get updates on the work being done to your street visit the South Bend 2019 Paving Map. Residents can see if their street is scheduled for paving or when it’s in progress.

Signage is also posted on the street at least 24 hours prior to milling. Residents can park on the street at the end of the day when crews are done.

South Bend's full 2019 paving list is listed below:

- 25th Street from Mishawaka Avenue south to the dead end
- Boland Drive from Portage Avenue to Ribourde Drive
- Boland Drive from Kenmore Street to Bendix Drive
- Brookfield Street from Lincoln Way West to Humboldt Street
- Catalpa Street from Calvert Street to Ewing Avenue
- Corby Boulevard from Ironwood Drive to Manchester Drive*
- Concord Avenue from Linden Avenue to Lombardy Drive
- E. Navarre Street from Michigan Street to Riverside Drive
- Eckman Drive from Miami Drive to Erskine Drive
- Elmer Street from Elwood Avenue to Keller Street
- Elwood Avenue from Wilbur Street to Portage Avenue
- Falcon Street from Western Avenue to Linden Avenue
- Fellows Street from Dean Street to Southmore Street
- Ford Street from Kaley Street to Camden Street
- High Street from Calvert Street to Broadway Street
- Huey Street from Lincoln Way West to Vassar Street
- Indiana Avenue from Olive Street to Pulaski Street
- Jefferson Boulevard from Ironwood Drive to Logan Street*
- Lasalle Avenue from Williams Street to Charles Martin Boulevard
- Lathrop Street from Parkview Place to Riverside Drive
- Linden Avenue from Mayflower Road to Lombardy Drive*
- Longfellow Avenue from Mishawaka Avenue to Twyckenham Drive
- Parkview Place from Lathrop Drive to Oakwood Drive
- Riverside Drive from Angela Boulevard to Academy Place*
- Riverside Drive from E. Marion Street to E. Bartlett Street
- Sadie Street from Orange Street to Linden Avenue
- Scott Street from Western Avenue to Washington Street
- Springbrook Drive from Hillsdale Drive to Caroline Drive
- St Joseph Street to E. Marion Street to E. Bartlett Street
- Sunnyside Avenue to Belmont Avenue to Wall Street
- Thomas Street from Laurel Street to Walnut Street
- Tuxedo Drive from Wilson Avenue to Jefferson Boulevard
- Voll Street from Manchester Drive west to dead end
- Walter Street from Michigan Street to Fellows Street
- Wayne Street from Lafayette Boulevard to Taylor Street
- Williams Street from Western Avenue south to dead end

* Streets paved through the Community Crossings Matching Grant