South Bend developer runs for city council

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - The mayor’s race isn’t the only one that’s crowded with candidates in South Bend.

Developer David Matthews has spent millions of dollars on housing projects in the city, and now he wants to contribute by spending time as a city councilman

“I think we have some great activists on the city council who are very passionate about specific issues, but I think our community would benefit from having good problem-solvers and people who are more generalists who can bring business experience and good logical decision-making to our city government,” Matthews told NewsCenter 16.

The upcoming "fiscal cliff" is one major reason Matthews is running. South Bend stands to lose revenue in 2020 when it will have to fully comply with Indiana’s property tax caps.

“So, we need people who value efficiency, who can think down the road and help make the good decision and figure out where we don’t need to spend money, where it’s not doing the public good and focus money on where we are doing the public good,” he said.

Matthews is one of four candidates running for the Democratic nomination in the 4th District. The other candidates are Troy Warner, Amanda Parkinson and Melvin T. Blakely Jr.