South Bend Youth Advisory Council holds virtual town hall

Published: Jun. 26, 2020 at 12:33 AM EDT
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A virtual town hall with students from local high schools was held Thursday, to get their thoughts on important issues around the U.S.

The emcee of the event was our own Joshua Short.

During the town hall, members of the South Bend Youth Advisory Council, along with students from St. Joseph and Penn High Schools, shared their perspectives on critical issues and how those issues have affected them.

For example, students were asked about racism in general and whether they've seen or experienced it in school.

One student explained the experience she's had while in school during the town hall.

"When people ask me you talk different, then when you're talking to a black person or a white person and then they go 'oh you're kind of acting like an Oreo you're white on the inside but black on the outside' like you're not being true to who you are. And I'm like I am, I am being true," she says. "I don't want people to think, that you think black people are crazy, that they don't know what they're talking about. Like we are educated, we know what we're talking about we know how to speak to people."

Students also talked about a need for change among the school districts, especially when it comes to education of African-American history.

To listen to the full town hall you can visit our Facebook page and find the

from there.

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