South Bend Schools restructuring athletics department

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - New South Bend Community School Corporation Superintendent Todd Cummings is restructuring athletics in the district.

In moves announced to schools Monday, Cummings will eliminate the position of district Athletic Director Seabe Gavin. All four high school athletic directors will have their positions restructured into dean of students positions.

The current high school athletic directors will be allowed to reapply for the jobs, but it was not immediately clear what the requirements for each position will be or whether current athletic directors will necessarily be qualified for the new positions.

One athletic director told NewsCenter 16 that the whole thing was "ludicrous."

He said the athletic directors were called to a morning meeting and were given no warning.

The AD says he's sickened by it all and that South Bend's children deserve better.

At Monday night's school board meeting, the issue was not discussed, other than a single public comment.

Afterward, the school corporation released the following statement:

"These are difficult decisions that we know affect personnel who have been of service to South Bend Schools. However, we believe this restructuring is an important step to ensure the future success of the district. We remain fully committed to athletics. New positions will provide greater support and flexibility for both athletics and academics."

After reading that to one AD, he respond, "We're not moving forward. We're moving backwards."

South Bend Schools plans to release more information on the restructuring on Tuesday.