Buttigieg gives farewell address at final common council meeting

SOUTH BEND, Ind (WNDU) - The South Bend Common Council chambers were overflowing as Mayor Pete Buttigieg returned to the podium to address the council for the last time.

Monday night was the last that Buttigieg will be at a council meeting as mayor.

He reflected on the many changes that have happened since he took office in 2012.

“Our city, like our country, is forever unfinished, forever changing. And that anyone that has contributed to our country and to our city has a great deal to be proud of,” Buttigieg said.

Dozens of people came out in support of Buttigieg and his aspirations toward Washington. However, not all those in attendance were Mayor Pete supporters.

"We unveiled an ambitious plan to address 1,000 properties in 1,000 days,” Buttigieg said as a protester interrupted, yelling the word "gentrification."

"And through strong collaboration through neighborhood associations and city teams, we finished with months to spare," Buttigieg said before a protester again yelled "gentrification."

There were nothing but good graces from those on the common council who collaborated with Buttigieg during his term, noting the town is in a better place than it was eight years ago.

“That's such an invaluable gift that will be here forever and contribute so much to the lifeblood of our city,” 4th District Council Member Jo M. Broden said.

And then there's the person who didn't start this journey with Buttigieg but who has seen it through and will be there after it's over: his husband, Chasten.

“When I was a young bachelor mayor, I could not imagine how people in elected office manage to be married at the same time. Today, I cannot imagine serving without him at my side,” Buttigieg said.

The mayor departed the chambers, leaving his mark on South Bend and those he worked with while leading the city.

The council recognized Buttigieg as well as bidding farewell to five outgoing council members, thanking them for their service to the city of South Bend.