Hall to face Walorski for Indiana's 2nd congressional district

 Mel Hall
Mel Hall (WNDU)
Published: May. 8, 2018 at 4:23 PM EDT
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Mel Hall will face Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski in the general election for Indiana's 2nd congressional district.

Hall came away with 47 percent of the vote. Pat Hackett received 32 percent, and Yatish Joshi finished with 12 percent.

Hall was greeted by thunderous applause as he made his way through the Aloft ballroom in downtown South Bend Tuesday evening.

During his speech, Hall said that if he's elected in the fall, he'll make sure he protects Social Security and Medicare, adding that anyone who gets sick should have the right to see a doctor.

Hall says he wants to be a part of a Congress that's known for getting stuff done.

He also touched upon why he thinks he can win the general election.

"What I said in my speech is that we won all 10 counties tonight, which shows that we can compete in every county in the district," Hall said. "I think the message that people feel is that people want to win this seat, and there's no doubt in my mind that Democrats will do everything possible to widen our tent and to bring people in so that we can win this seat in November."

Walorski won her primary with 79 percent of the vote over opponent Mark Summe.

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Original Story

Several Democrats look to unseat two-term Rep. Jackie Walorski (R) in the fall election. At least three of the candidates were making last-minute campaign stops in South Bend on Tuesday: Pat Hackett, Mel Hall and Yatish Joshi.

All three believe their life experiences will inform their hopeful success on Capitol Hill. Hall, who grew up on a farm, became a minister, serving the impoverished areas of Detroit and later expanded South Bend-based Press Ganey to a company employing at least 800 people.

"“I think it’s imperative people get out and exercise their right to vote. This is a day where democracy is in action," said Hall.

Pat Hackett, a recipient of three degrees from the University of Notre Dame, is a long-time attorney who owns a law firm. She has served on several community boards and believes her legal experience will make her an asset in creating legislation, should she win.

"“We talk about our nation of ‘we the people,'" started Hackett. "On the day when we go out and vote, that is when ‘we the people’ becomes real.”

Yatish Joshi is a defense contractor whose business makes containers. He said he was considered an underdog, initially, but has seen tremendous energy as the primary election cycle concludes, thanks to a commercial that uses hip hop music.

"“The important thing is every vote counts. I understand the race is very, very tight," said Joshi. 'I am asking everybody, please go out and vote. Your vote counts. That is the democratic power you have.”