Semi crash closes eastbound I-94 in Porter County


The eastbound lanes of I-94 near Burns Harbor are closed following a crash involving two semis early Friday morning.

According to police, a semi driver, Radmilo Samardzio, 70, of Ballwin, Missouri, said he was hit from behind while parked in the white striped gore area. This is the portion that separates the main lanes from the exit ramp.

The driver of a second semi, Steven Dare, 57, of Hudsonville, Mich., told police his semi drifted when he reached over to grab something on the passenger seat, and then hit the first semi.

One of the trucks was hauling food including cocoa power, while the other had merchandise, including 100 pounds of lithium batteries inside.

The batteries leaked onto the cocoa powder which caused it to ignite in small batches, according to Indiana State Police. Firefighters were able to put out the fire.

Both drivers were not hurt.