School district testing new tech to prevent bus stop tragedies

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - A school district in central Indiana is using new technology to prevent crashes at school bus stops.

Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation in Johnson County is launching a pilot program that supplies school vehicles with predictive stop arms and danger zone protective systems, our reporting partners at News Now Warsaw say. This will allow the school bus driver to monitor the speed of an oncoming vehicle.

If it looks the vehicle is not going to stop, a recorded announcement plays to tell the child not to step into oncoming traffic.

The program is also being tested in four other school districts in the U.S. after three children were hit and killed at their school bus stop in Fulton County last October.

The driver of the car that hit them in that crash, Alyssa Shepherd, faces five charges for a maximum sentence of 21 1/2 years. She goes to trial in October.