School City of Mishawaka mourns a tragic murder involving two students

MISHAWAKA, Ind. (WNDU) - The entire School City of Mishawaka mourns the loss of Breana Rouhselang, allegedly at the hands of Aaron Trejo.

Guidance counselors at Mishawaka High School are on hand to help students and faculty, as are social workers throughout the school system.

Three chaplains from St. Joseph Health System are also assisting throughout the schools.

Both Rouhselang and Trejo attended Mishawaka schools since they were in elementary, and they met while they were students at John Young Middle School.

This tragedy impacts many across the school system, and on Monday morning, about 200 students held a silent vigil at the flagpole outside the high school.

Superintendent Dean Speicher said students and faculty alike were grieving this tragedy.

“Whenever you're involved as a teacher or a coach, having been there myself, you develop close relationships with these students,” Speicher said. “Anytime something bad happens within your family, obviously, you're grieving for whatever that situation might be. So, we're in a period of grieving now.”

Speicher said Rouhselang was a manager of the football team and Trejo was a player on the team.

The annual banquet for the team was postponed on Sunday, but those involved in the program met to discuss the news of this tragedy.